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We provide researchers and corporates with support to secure the clinical efficacy
and safety of innovative medical devices.

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AMC Center for Augmented intelligence
medical device Research and
Evaluation support (CARE)

In December 2017, Asan medical center has organized the Center for Augmented intelligence
medical device Research and Evaluation support (CARE) under the Biomedical Research Center
in Asan Institute for Life Sciences, supported by the clinical research infrastructure development
of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW).


The Center for Augmented intelligence medical device Research and Evaluation support (CARE), accredited by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), is designating specialized items with its own expertise and characteristic. Our center is specialized in medical information convergence automated devices including medical robots and artificial intelligence medical software. In order to develop products that will lead the cutting edge of the medical device field in the coming 4th Industrial Revolution, it is essential to secure differentiated clinical efficacy and safety through the close participation of clinical experts on the entire life cycle of bring medical devices to market,, from the initial stage of product planning to the final product approval, based on a differentiated development method from existing medical devices, abundant and specialized medical big data and operating system, artificial intelligence technology and advanced electronic medical equipment technology.

AMC CARE is pursuing an integrated platform service through which provide effective support throughout translational research with clinical experts, non-clinical/clinical trials, and approval/standardization process. This is achieved through extensive and systemic network of internal and external cooperation based on innovative medical device development support system through open collaborative research and development, named
Also, based on our expertise in international standards and safety evaluation technology research as well as our many new concepts/developments in medical devices, we will put a massive effort into the research for the safety evaluation technology for medical devices.

To solve and provide solution to various difficulties, including non-clinical/clinical trial barriers, lack of specialist, that corporates and external researchers encounter during development and commercialization of medical devices, limitation of connecting infrastructure, our exclusive organization of specialists will provide support through systematic processes including consulting, various support and training program. We wish to contribute our mite to the advancement of medical device technology and the level of medical welfare in Korea, as well as the medical device industry.

We kindly ask for your interest and support.

Thank you.


Director of the centerJaesoon Choi