Support Services

We secure and support the clinical Safety and efficacy of artificial intelligence medical software,
medical robot, and medical devices.

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Research/development consulting and advising

Operation of expert consulting and advice task team in specialized fields

For the 'Medical Information Convergence Automated Device', a specialized field in our center, we provide consulting/advising support by organizing a consulting/advsing task team from internal and external experts, after preparing a support plan according to the application details of each company such as cooperative product planning/ performance improvement/ commercialization.

  • Include clinicians with experience in medical device development and clinical trial, if applicable

  • Include professional personnel in the specialized field and items

  • Participate in internal and external infrastructure and network in the specialized field

  • Include consulting/advice and cooperative research to improve the performance of items currently in production to a global level

  • Connect with the internal and external networks for intellectual property rights and commercialization, if required.

Consulting/advice for the items in other specialized fields

Review the application request details on the entire cycle of medical device development, support the connection
with relevant infrastructure inside and outside AMC